Psychic Tea for Intuitive Work

I have been running a Tarot discussion group called Tarot and Tea. I inherited the name but I have run with it, making herbal tea potions specifically for the group.  When I came up with this recipe, I focused on the connection between the heart and the inner eye. That connection is important if you […]

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She Who Is Never Not Broken

This is the story of cracks that itch and swell around the edges, they are a nighttime pestilence An insomnia riddled with undoing and redoing Beneath them glows something though, something that is always making stronger the healed cracks I have been whipped apart by the storm, a tough ride and I never do not […]

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The Darkness

I feel like I’m having a slow heart attack. I started having nightmares or maybe just dreams a week before the election. In some, Trump had been elected. Anxiety dreams, I thought. But there were other problems. My stomach churned and twisted. I had what felt like heart palpitations. I kept crying. My conscious brain […]

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Superhero/Sidekick is a card blending exercise that helps develop the skill of relating two cards in a hierarchical way. It has helped me gain confidence in my intuitive leaps and make meaning from cards with no positions. This exercise is detailed inĀ Advanced Tarot Secrets by Dusty White. I used the Wild Unknown Tarot for this […]

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