Entering the Spiral: The Fool

7. Outside Influences Somewhere between the alpha and omega exists the zero, in the Tarot, the Fool. This zero doesn’t equal nothing but it isn’t exactly something either. Because nothing has structured him; he doesn’t have the individuation of a number, he is infinity. He hovers in the time and space before the time and space of the Tarot’s journey. The zero, […]

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Go Get It: Passion/Strength/Lust

The Book of Thoth Deck, US Games Systems, Inc. Crowley did a lot for tarot. The Thoth deck is a work of unsurpassed beauty in my opinion.  No other deck combines the symbolic nuance with the artistic mastery in the same way. It is also controversial and causes problems at times. Crowley had very definite ideas that […]

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The Right Path: The Eight of Disks

Tarot of the Trees, Eight of Pentacles The Eight of Disks is a nice card to flow from the Knight/Prince of Disks (in my reading, not sequentially). There is a fulfillment to it, although it’s not the opulent ten. It’s a humbler version, like the mutable Virgo who influences the card. Don’t, however, mistake its humility for a […]

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